Load testing is a type of non-functional testing. A load test is type of software testing which is conducted to understand the behaviour of the application under a specific expected load. Load testing is performed to determine a system’s behaviour under both normal and at peak conditions.

Our best practices on Load Testing for you

  • Identify business goals
  • Determine key measures for the application and web performance
  • Suggest & Choose suitable tool(s)
  • Create a test case
  • Understand your environment
  • Run tests incrementally for you



While we follow above practices, we always keep your goal towards your users intact.

Load Testing Tools

We have expertise using few , but not limited to, load testing tools such as WebLOAD, LoadView, and Loadrunner.
WebLOAD works on any internet application using Ajax, NET, Oracle Forms, HTML5 and other technologies.
LoadView measures performance in real browsers (not headless phantom browsers).
LoadRunner can manage thousands of users at the same time.

Benefits of Load Testing

Discovery of bottlenecks before deployment.


Evaluating a piece of software or a website before deployment can highlight bottlenecks, allowing them to be addressed before they incur large real world costs.


Enhance the scalability of a system.


It can help identify the limit of an application’s operating capacity. This can aid in determining infrastructure needs as the system scales upward


Reduced risk for system down time.

It can be used to ferret out scenarios that can cause a system to fail. This makes it a great tool for finding solutions to high-traffic problems before they arise in the real world.


Improved customers satisfaction.

If a website’s response times are short even as it scales up to a higher audience, one-time customers will be more apt to revisit.


Reduced failure cost.

Identifying concerns at the earliest stage possible, especially before launch, decreases the cost of failures. By contrast, after-launch failures can incur exponentially greater costs.

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