End-to-End Testing is a type Software Testing that not only validates the software system under test but also checks its integration with external interfaces. Hence, the name “End-to-End“. The purpose of End-to-End Testing is to exercise a complete production-like scenario.  This is also called end to end scenarios or chain testing

Along with the software system, it also validates batch/data processing from other upstream/downstream systems. E2E Testing is usually executed after functional and system testing.

Why E2E Testing?

During development, every software product is tested multiple times: to verify that all the functions work correctly, that the solution complies with performance requirements, that the GUI ensures superior quality of experience on all devices, etc.

However, in some cases successful completion of these tests is not enough to make a user’s entire journey through the application trouble-free. This is where end-to-end testing, or E2E testing, comes into play.

Benefits You Get

Our QA and testing teams use test scenarios that simulate real user behavior and involve all integrated components such as interfaces, databases, network, external systems, and other applications.

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