Website usability and other testing services

In today’s ultra-competitive software market, no one gets a second chance to make a first impression. A clean and beautiful Graphical User Interface is incredibly important for attracting and retaining users.

Usability testing mainly focuses on the user’s ease to use the application, flexibility in handling controls and ability of the system to meet its objectives. It is also called User Experience Testing.

There are many software applications / websites, which miserably fail, once launched, due to following reasons –

  • Where do I click next?
  • Which page needs to be navigated?
  • Which Icon or Jargon represents what?
  • Error messages are not consistent or effectively displayed
  • Session time not sufficient.

How we perform here?

We approach usability testing services in below phases.

We provide our clients with end-to-end UI testing services to address their UI concerns and make sure that:

  • All UI components conform to UI mockups, visual prototypes, corporate guidelines, and user expectations
  • Window controls (buttons, toolbars, menus, lists, etc.) and graphical objects are well-organized, meaningfully labelled, and accessible
  • International considerations are followed (support for right-to-left languages, international fonts, enough onscreen space for translated text, etc.)
  • On mobile devices, the UI adapts seamlessly to all resolutions, screen orientations, mobile network events and conditions, etc.

Our comprehensive UI testing services package helps verify that your web, mobile, or smart TV interface ticks all the boxes in terms of technical requirements and user satisfaction.

Sattvasoft conduct usability testing for your product in below stages.

We See that your products are also not become non user-friendly. Contact us to get very accurate usability testing for your product.

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