Developmenr & Testing through purity

Support and maintenance typically eats at efficiency of primary development teams and executive management, swinging focus away from new initiatives to maintenance of older ones.

Out-sourcing support and maintenance to an off-shore provider reduces costs and allows the mainline team to focus on strategic direction.

For any of the maintenance work, you do not need to worry about any HR related issues while concentrating on your exact work goal.

Application maintenance is the most critical part of any business. Company can’t avoid removing all legacy applications from its application portfolio. As needs for business change constantly, application deployed to manage business also needs to accommodate business changes as well as additional features are required to be developed. We have developed process which understands importance of critical business applications, thus SattvaSoft assists you not only in customized application development but also maintaining them which ensures smooth operations and reduces the cost of redeveloping and redeploying applications.