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Parking App

  • This project is to develop mobile application for Parking. User can reserve parking in advance so they very well know that they have a guaranteed space ahead of sports games,events, and trips to the city. User can find and book parking around them in real-time when they’re circling the block looking for parking.

    In this application Transactions are handled safely and securely by credit card through the application – no more fumbling for cash and change on their way out of the lot. User can instantly access parking confirmation from the application to show garage attendants on their way out – no paper, hangtags, or cards needed!This application associates with the local parking owner to allow them to register and

    promote their business through this application. At the back-end, all partnered parking owners should be able to see all the bookings received from the mobile. They should also be able to upload ads and input parking space.

Mobile App Designs