Mobile Application Development

Technology through purity

Development organizations and teams that build mobile applications are challenged with their own unique array of complexities. Unlike traditional client-server and web-based software development shops, mobile developers are faced with very strict boundaries (memory, screen size, input devices, etc.), short application lifecycles, and extreme usability requirements. These are in addition to the inherent environmental volatility previously referred to.
“MANTRA” of SattvaSoft is to provide services in-time, in-budget and according to varying business needs of our customer. We have a dedicated and committed team of bold designers and developers with a mix of extensive experience and fresh talent.
We focus on Lightweight requirements management, simplified iterative project planning& tracking, efficient collaboration and reporting, smooth release planning. We organize tasks effectively to integrate specified functionality and provide visibility into today’s rapidly changing development projects.
Methodology – Model based User Interface (MUI)
In the industry, current methodologies are based on the development of ad hoc solutions, which are characterized by a low portability and/or reusability. We use the most promising paradigm of model-based user interface (UI) development, which is aimed at providing a systematic approach for specifying the UI by means of models.
We are very quick on our feet in dealing with all of the variables in the development and deployment lifecycle. As a result,we have transitioned to an extensive use ofemulators, test automation, automated deploymentprocesses, and shorter development cycles.
We use practices and principles of Agile development so that we are able to align well with the requirements of mobile development teams. The commitment to simplicity, low overhead, business adaptability, rapid delivery, and customer feedback complement the needs of mobile development.