Why Sattvasoft

Developmenr & Testing through purity

There are several key factors that made our clients have made their choice in favour of SattvaSoft:

Customer-Oriented Approach
“Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business; we orient all our processes to fit your needs and requirements, so that you feel comfortable and rest assured from an offshore team.

Stable and Qualified Team
Our team consists of experienced professionals that have 3-12 years of experience in e-commerce and mobile technology development projects. We have a very low personnel turnover rate that allows us to keep the team stable and teamwork effective.

High Quality Service
At SattvaSoft, we use the best practices of worldwide quality guidelines therefore providing an extremely reliable end quality services.

Technical Expertise
India is becoming a superior Information technology hub in these days. As a result, we currently have a developed scientific and academic technological infrastructure, which educate top quality engineering specialists. Combined with our HR policies, this allows SattvaSoft to offer cutting-edge technology to its customers.

Reasonable Costs
Because of low cost outsourcing model, we are able to offer service rates at significant cheaper rate than those of software development projects costs in US, Canada, U.K, Australia and Singapore.

Seamless Communication
Easy communication is what our customers and partners have appreciated greatly while working with us. We guarantee minimum reaction time and versatility of communication means. Our managers have credible certificates of English fluency from top language schools and organizations.

Overcome complexity
SattvaSoft specializes in robust e-commerce and mobile applications. Company has overcome on complex e-commerce and mobile based solutions. There are many Android application development companies with their own expertise and skills.