Offshore Technology center

Developmenr & Testing through purity

Our company in US – Our counterpart CliqueTech LLC is a Chicago registered company. So you deal with a firm that has a legal entity in the USA, rather than an unknown company in an unknown country. We handle all the contracts and agreements with our own sister company back in India. So you can relax and enjoy the benefits of outsourcing services, while we handle all the offshore paperwork.

Offshore Technogy Center (OTC) is an ideal solution for small to medium sized companies that are planning to have a dedicated team of technology professionals at an offshore location.

SattvaSoft can provide you an OTC in India with either a small or a big team of committed technology professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure to help you get your projects done in your way. With proven offshore workforce, you can seamlessly handle a variety of offshore software services such as tailored software development, mobile application development, software testing and complete software support using the latest technologies in the marketplace.

We strongly believe in the fact that our success lies in the success of our customers, and we always strive hard for that goal.

The key advantages of SattvaSoft OTC:

Considerable cost savings – In the past few years, many of fortune 1000 companies have established offshore campuses, especially in India because of the cost-effectiveness of offshore outsourcing! Comparatively, outsourcing in India can save you up to 45% than in the US and Europe. We at SattvaSoft are proud to have an Indian Offshore Technology Centre that has saved significant amount of money to our past and present customers.

Language skills – One of the major concerns for outsourcing is language, especially for customers from English-speaking countries. But that hurdle doesn’t get into the way of outsourcing in India because speaking in English has almost become a habit for Indians in professional services. Our staff members are handpicked with thorough interview process, and we select only those candidates who have put up at least 10 years of English education to ensure you are able to communicate with your offshore team effortlessly.

Time difference – One of the amazing gains for US customers is time zone difference. With almost a 12-hour time difference between India and US, you are at the advantage to assign work to your OTC in the evening and can have the work done by the next morning. If you would like to interact more with your OTC team during US business hours, we would be more than happy to arrange a Night Shift Team for you in India, so that they work during US business hours.

Strong application development process – SattvaSoft has developed and nurtured its own specific Computer Systems Validation Process(CSVP) for effective process of the software development. We ensure that the software staff allotted to work on your project is highly educated and experienced with astronomical knowledge of the application development process. With meticulous planning and requirement analysis we train our team to go to the bottom of your needs and come out with orderly solutions that give you viable advantage

Our OTC services include:

  • Dedicated technical staff and infrastructure
  • On time delivery
  • Immediate response to your queries
  • Privacy and confidentiality of work
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Complete quality and process control

Our OTC staff has worked with multiple clients in different geographies and they understand that, success of project depends on mutual understanding, trust and commitment.